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Tour to Ostrog Mnastery, the holiest place of all in Montenegro

Strange and famous is this tample of God


This tour will take to the holiest and most visited place in our country, of exceptional beauty, famous as Ostrog Monastery. If you are religous or an atheist, you will be definitely overwhelmed. Even its architecture is unique, and its usrroundings almost unthinkable. At first glance, it looks as if it is clinging high on the cliff. But what is famous more is for the numerous miracles as well as of its important role in our history and of the Orthodox Church in our country. The monastery was founded in the 17th century by a Metropolitan Vasilije (Basil), later canoized as St. Vasilije Ostroški (St. Basil of Ostrog). The inside walls of two chapels are are covered with icons, painted on the rough, rocky walls in 1667 by the famous artist Radule, which lends a special charm to the frescos. The icons are so amazing, that two of them are actually protected by UNESCO.  The Monastery receives numerous visitors all the year round, especially sick people who beleive in miracles and healing power of St. Vasilije. Here come believers of various faiths-those who make sign of the cross and who bow, admirers and atheists, wise men and frivolous, persons with clear conscience and sinners, young, healthy and sick. But most of all, here come unfortunates who hope that St. Vasilije Ostroški will grant them a cure, or at least allevation, of the maladies that torture them so mercilessly.

The tour usually starts from Kotor, towards the city of Nikšić to reach the Monastery. On the way back we are going to return different way, towards the the city of Cetinje and village of Njeguši. We will take in visit to another place of true beauty-RijekaCrnojevića. The place is not only stuning but also played a role in our history, being a see of our country in the 15th century.

The tour will take you through the very heart of country. Through karst and rocky terrain with stunning lanscapes and amazing panoramic views.

If you choose this tour, which we hope you do as we are strongly suggesting, prepare yourself for journey full of spiritual rise and positive emotions.

Total Prices

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15 min drive to Perast. 10 min hold up for taking  panoramic photos

40 min driving to lake Slano. 10 min hold up to enjoy scenery

30 min driving to the Monastery.

30-40 minutes at Monastery

50 min drive to River Crnojevic. 30 min hold up  

30 min drive to village of Njegusi. 20 min hold up

30 min drive to Kotor

This is just a frame time of the tour. Just to give you an idea how long should last, at minum. With your permissin it can be even longer, but it will not effect the price. The lunch break can be organized and where and whenever you want (lunch is not inluded in price).

Price includes: private transport, licensed tour guide, taxes and VAT.

Not inluded: food, drink and souvenirs.




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