Kotor Old Town guided walking tour

With our licensed tour guide explore the amazing and glorious past of this UNESCO protected site


Kotor is a famous seaside town, indeed. UNESCO recognized its incomparable splendour and historical wealth and included it in the register of the world culture, heritage and natural singularities. As it is case with other famous and important towns in the world, legends, archives charters, chronicles, monographs, and escpecially ancient architecture speak of Kotor's emergence, its originators, builders, sights, beauty and history. One of the legends, and there are quite a few of them, thels that our town was founded by Kolhidians in time of their pursuit of Jason and his gang, who had stolen the Golden Fleece - suggesting that our town was established in pre-Homeric times, when Phoenicians dominated the Mediterranean and where the teachers of the Greeks.

Our town experienced and survived many falls and rises, travails and resurections. It was the setting for numerous political, civil and cultural changes - a town noted for wisdom and folly of those who made it their home.

Its 4.5 km long, preserved ramparts, dating from middle ages are testifying of its importance and greatness.

With our licensed tour guides you will be able to feel some of its glorious past, while slowly exploring its squares and narrow streets.

This walking tour is startin from infront of the main gate - Sea gate. We are sure that you will in loved with our small beautiful old town that you wouldn't want to leave it.

The tour described here usually last for some 40-50 minutes, and include the the walking along the most important things. It can be longer, with the visit to the rest of it. To see its other wealth and beautiful corners and streets, as the narrowest one is, so-called "Let me pass". if you want to be longer and extensive please be free to send as request

Total Prices

Number of Guests Price
1 Guest 60€
2 Guests 80€
3 Guests 100€
4 Guests 120€
5 Guests 140€
6 Guests 160€
7 Guests 180€
8 Guests 200€


Itinerary is very simple, as it is not requiring any driving. As we are going to take in visit of the basilica of St. Tryphon, dating from 12th century, we will spent inside some 20 minutes.

With your permission we can prolng the tour from the original duration time, for some 15-20 minutes more, without being extra charged.

Included in price:

-tourist tax

-licensed guide service

-entrance fees for the basilica of St. Tryphon


Not include:

-food, drinks and souvenirs (Note: we can provide for you a discount of 10-15% in many restaurants and some souvenir shop in the old town)




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