The Blue Cave and Kotor Tour

On this tour, we are going to visit and swim in the Blue Cave which was created at the foot of a 30 meter clif.


We are also going to take a walk around the Old Town of Kotor, which has been under the UNESCO protection and a part of the World Cultural Heritage since 1979.

After we have met you and introduced ourselves, we are getting into the car in front of the port gate or your hotel/apartment and start our drive towards the beautiful beach Mirista. We going to pass through the lovely landscape of Lustica, a peninsula covered in olive groves, pines, cypresses and other types of trees. When we get to the beach, we will get on a boat and take a ride to the Blue Cave, which can be reached only by sea. This natural phenomenon is one of the largest in the series of caves on the peninsula and it was created at the foot of a 30-meter cliff, as a result of waves splashing against porous rocks of Lustica for thousand of years. The cave has two openings, smaller, to the south and greater, 3 meters high and 15 meters wide, which is located on the south-west side. Through the larger cave entrance, boats and smaller vessels can enter the Cave and allow tourists to attend the indescribable game of light and water in the interior.This natural hall with 9 meters high vault, is a unique stage of nature wonders that will leave breathless anyone visiting Blue Cave. When the days are clear and sunny, through the openings of the cave, the sunshine is entering inside and is reflected on the surface of the water, creating indescribable shades of blue and indigo colour, making the water and the walls of cave take on the colour of which the cave was named. These shades of blue you will hardly be able to see anywhere in the world, and clear, warm waters just entice you to dive into this blue and become one with a unique atmosphere of this natural theatre.Resonance of the cave turns every sound within it into an echo, which is yet another of the phenomena characteristic of this hidden wonder of nature, as one of the most remarkable places of our coast. Anyone who once swam in the Blue Cave will forever carry within oneself a part of that indescribable blue, as one of the most memorable moments in life. After we leave the Blue Cave and beach Mirista, we go back to Kotor, where we are going to learn about its history and cultural and historical monuments, while walking down its streets. We are also going to stop in front the St. Tryphon Cathedral. The Cathedral dates from 1166., which means it was built 326 years before the discovery of America, 179 years before the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris and 524 years before the St.Paul Cathedral in London. Then we are going to stop in front the Maritime Museum in the Old Town where you will hear about our long maritime tradition, dating from the 12th century. We finish the tour at the starting point, where we first met.

Notes: This tour is not physically demanding,because there are no climbing or stairs (apart from a few ones in St.Tryphon Cathedral). To enter the Cathedral you only have to cover your shoulders and knees. From the end of May almost to the end of September, the average temperature is around 35°C and it can go up to 39°C and the temperature of the sea is around 25°C. Therefore we advise you to take bathing towels, swimsuits, sun-protection cream and hats.


00:00 – symbolic meeting time and start of the tour

00:00-00:45 – driving to the beach Mirista and entering the boat

00:45-01:10 – boat ride from beach Mirista to the Blue Cave

01:10-01:30 – time in Blue Cave

01:30-01:55 – boat ride back to the beach Mirista

01:55-02:40 – driving back to Kotor to the panoramic stop above it

02:40-02:50 – photo stop at panoramic view point

02:50-03:00 – driving to the parking place in front of the old town of Kotor

03:00-04:20 – a walking tour thru the Old Town of Kotor and of the tour

The duration of the tour is not fixed. We can prolong it any time, if you want, or because of traffic jams. If you want to stay longer in the Blue Cave or on the beach Mirista, we will be pleased to do that for you, and you wont be charged additionally. It is very important to say that you wont pay additionally for any prolongation


The price includes: private transport, private boat ride, professional LICENSED tour guide service, boat tickets, tourist taxes and VAT, free Wi-Fi, 10% of discount in restaurants in Kotor, 10% discount in a souvenir shop in Kotor.

Not included in price: food, drink and souvenirs.

Pick up location:
For cruisers pick up location is in front of the Port gate.
Pick up location outside from Kotor is charged extra.

Pick up time:
For cruisers recommended time is as early as possible.


Number of Guests Price
1 Guest 130€
2 Guests 180€
3 Guests 230€
4 Guests 280€
5 Guests 320€
6 Guests 350€
7 Guests 380€
8 Guests 420€




Number of Guests


Total Price per Tour: 130€ for 1 Guest


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