Old montenegro and Lipa cave tour

This tour will enable you to see the most beautiful part of the Montenegrin coastline, the tourism m


After that, you are going to visit the historical centre of Montenegro with its capital, Cetinje and you will see its mountainous, rocky landscape. You are going to taste Montenegrin smoked ham and cheese as well as local vine and enjoy the breathtaking view of Boka Bay. The landscapes you will pass through will literally leave you speechless.

After we have met you and introduced ourselves, we are getting into the car in front of the port gate or your hotel/apartment and start our tour. While driving towards Budva, we are going to stop twice, to let you enjoy and take photos of the stunning panoramic view of the beach Jaz, the old town of Budva and another sandy beach – Slovenska beach. The beach Jaz hosted many worldwide famous stars like Madona, Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz and others, and in 2015, according to the site Lonely Planet, it was declared the most beautiful beach in Europe.Then we go down to the Old Town. During our walk through the town and its narrow streets and squares, you will hear about its history, 3500 years long and its cultural and historical monuments..

After the visit to the Old Town we continue our trip and very soon we get to the road which goes up the hill. There is another place you can enjoy the view from and take photos. Then we go on, continue towards Lipa Cave. In this cave, nature created playful and unique forms of cave ornaments (stalagmites and stalactites) that leave an unforgettable impression on visitors. The temperature inside the cave is between 8 and 12 °C. After the cave, we continue towards the Old Royal Capital of Montenegro and city museum of Cetinje, a place where the state of Montenegro was established. A specific feature of the town is the fact that it was never conquered by the Ottoman Empire, although they had attacked and burned it numerous times. Montenegro managed to raise and recover it. Montenegro was declared the independent monarchy in Berlin, in 1878, at the same time surrounded by other great, mighty countries. In Cetinje, we are going to visit the museum – the palace of King Nikola,(very important to have in mind when comparing our offer with others), which is well preserved and houses an impressive collection of silver and gold orders, weaponry, ethnographic and art collections and a lot of other things which would be hard to find even in some European museums. We are also going to visit the Cetinje Monastery, which once was the spiritual and political seat of Montenegro and today it is a sanctuary. After that we are going to take a break. After Cetinje, we continue towards the village of Njegusi, mainly through the rocky landscape known as „rocky sea“. We are going to take a break here, in a traditional restaurant „Zora“, whose owner is at the same time, the manufacturer of smoke-dried ham and domestic cheese, as well as other meat products, so you will have an opportunity to visit the ham smokehouse and of course, to taste this speciality and cheese made of cow milk.

Afterwards, we continue our tour and reach the place that has a breathtaking view even for us, local people, and that is why this tour is not recommended to those who are afraid of heights, but if you want to get that fear over, it is a perfect place. From there, we drive towards Kotor slowly, towards the place where we first met. This is where our tour ends. If you have more free time and you are willing to see more things, we can also go for a short walk around the Old Town of Kotor, which would not be charged additionally.

Notes:. To enter the monasteries and churches you only have to cover your shoulders and knees. This tour isnt physically demanding because the most of the terrain is even, apart from a few stairs in the palace of King Nikola. From the end of May to the half of September temperatures can reach even 38 grades C (100 grades F), so we advise you to take lightweight clothing and hats with yourselves.


00:00-00:20 - driving with a stop above the Jaz beach

00:20-00:30 - taking photos and enjoying the view of the beach

00:30-00:35 - driving with a stop above the old town

00:35-00:45 - taking photos and enjoying the view of the old town and Slovenska beach

00:45-00:55 - driving to the old town

00:55-01:45 - tour of the old town

01:45-02:00 - driving with a stop above Budva

02:00-02:10 - enjoying the scenic view

02:10-02:30 - driving to the Lipa Cave

02:30-03:30 - stay and tour in the cave

03:30-03:45 - driving to the center of Cetinje

03:45-05:00 - stay in Cetinje

05:00-05:45 - driving to Njegusi

05:45-06:15 - stay at Njegusi

06:15-07:15 - driving back to Kotor

* 00:00 – is symbolic time of the tour beginning, and it just shows tour duration. The tour can start at the time we agree upon

The time of the tour is not fixed. We can prolong it any time, if you want, or because of traffic jams and you wont pay additionally for any prolongation.

The price includes: professional licensed tour guide service, entrance fees for the museum and the cave, tourist taxes , a coffee and a drink, free WiFi, and a 15% discount in a souvenir shop in Kotor and Budva.

Not included in price: food, drinks and beverages.

Pick up location:
For cruisers pick up location is in front of the Port gate.
Pick up location outside from Kotor is charged extra.

Pick up time:
For cruisers recommended time is as early as possible.


Number of Guests Price
1 Guest 180€
2 Guests 240€
3 Guests 295€
4 Guests 360€
5 Guests 425€
6 Guests 475€
7 Guests 530€
8 Guests 560€




Number of Guests


Total Price per Tour: 180€ for 1 Guest


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