Lipa cave tour

This tour is taking to visit Lipa cave, which is located near the old capitol of Montenegro-Cetinje.


Along this tour You will witness some amazing landscapes of littoral and mountainous rocky part of our country. You will realize why it also called „Wild beauty“.

After we met in front of the port gate of Kotor or some other place, we will enter in a comfortable and clean vehicle. We drive toward the city of Budva. We will pass thru the valley called Grbalj, once famous for producing the salt(centuries ago), and it was famous also for making agricultural products. Now it is industrial zone, but still there are some 20 villages and some 50 functional churches. At the end of that valley there is a first sandy beach You will see on this tour. It is a world famous beach Jaz, a host of concerts of Madonna, Rolling Stones, and Lenny Kravitz. The road is taking us above it, and at certain point above it we will stop for You, to enjoy in a view and to make photos. After that we will proceed with our drive to a next viewing point. It is above the old town of Budva and second sandy beach Slovenska plaza. The entire landscape is stunning because of high karst mountains made of a limestone rising from sea. From there our journey continue and we are turning from a coastal road to mountain one, which will take us to altitude of some 800 m. There we will stop again for taking photos and enjoying in a view. Then we will leave a sea behind us for some time. After few minutes we are arriving on a parking lot of Lipa cave and from there the small train will take us on tour thru a stunning Lipa cave.

Lipa Cave is the first cave adventure in Montenegro offering a charming diversity of karstic features to provide the visitors with a unique experience of the underground world. The cave authenticity lies in its genuine wilderness that leaves a lasting impression and makes the visit a memorable adventure.Lipa Cave is one of the largest cave monuments in Montenegro. The cave, with its beautiful and wild system of 2.5 km of passages and halls is a place you must visit on your Montenegro tour. Its beauty was recognized by King Nikola I and Petar II Petrović-Njegoš, who played a very important role in the Montenegrin history. Lipa cave was known to exist prior to Njegos time, and even than cave expeditions were possible. Various recognized explorers from 19th century left written documents on cave formations and its existence, explorations continued in 20th and 21st century.In Lipa cave nature created playful and unique forms of cave ornaments (stalagmites and stalactites) that leave everlasting impression on their visitors. Today the cave represents, not only one of the best places to visit on Cetinje but a natural attractions you should not miss while in Montenegro.In 2015 the cave was open for unforgettable tours where visitors are accompanied with local guides who are kind, helpful, and well-trained. Cave tours are easily accessible as Lipa cave is located only 33 km from Budva, 35 km from Podgorica, and 5 km from Cetinje. Its build in trails and modern lighting make it even more attractive and perfectly safe. The cave is preserved in line with high environmental conservation standards. Constant temperature inside the cave is between 8-12⁰C or 46-53⁰F. After we finish the visit to the cave will begin our return to the meeting point. But we will not drive back on same road. Instead of that, we will use a road that passes thru the old royal capitol of Montenegro-Cetinje,than over the mountain Lovćen. We will arrive in Village Njegusi, where we will make a break in a traditional restaurant. In it You will have chance to taste a prosciutto (smoked ham).It is traditionally processed there for centuries and You will have an opportunity to step in smoked house. After a break we will continue. After few minutes You will experience a view upon the fjord of Boka Kotorska. That view cant been described with words. All the ride and road down to Kotor from that point is unbelievable and unreal. This road was use by Jaguar, for filming a commercial for their new model F-Pace. And of course this road is not advisable for those who have fear of height.

If You want we can do also a walking tour thru the old town of Kotor, which is included in price and with a licensed tour guide.

Note: This tour is relaxing and there are no any stairs to climb, or up hills. Usually the staff of Lipa cave is giving jackets for the purpose of visiting the cave, but in case take your own. The duration of the tour is not fixed, and it can last for as long as You want. Or it can be prolonged because of some traffic jams or similar. It is important for You to know that we are not charging anything for that.


00:00 – symbolic meeting time and start of the tour

00:00 – 00:20 – driving in to direction of Budva

00:20 – 00:30 – photo break above beach Jaz

00:30 – 00:35 – driving to the next stop

00:35 – 00:45 – photo break above Old town of Budva

00:45- 01:05 – driving in to direction of Lipa Cave

01:05 – 01:15 – photo break above Budva Riviera on altitude of 700 m

01:15 – 01:40 – driving and arrival on a parking lot of a Lipa Cave

01:40 – 02:50 – tour inside the cave with a transport to and from it

02:50 – 03:40 – driving and arrival in Njegusi

03:40 – 04:10 – break and relax in restaurant and testing prosciutto

04:10 – 05:20 – driving and arrival in Kotor

In the price is included: private transport, professional LICENSED personal tour guide, entrance ticket for Lipa Cave, snack of smoked ham and cheese, free Wi-Fi inside the vehicle, 10% discount in restaurants in Kotor,15% discount in gift shop in Kotor.

Not included in price: food, drinks and beverages.

Pick up location:
For cruisers pick up location is in front of the Port gate.
Pick up location outside from Kotor is charged extra.

Pick up time:
For cruisers recommended time is as early as possible.


Number of Guests Price
1 Guest 130€
2 Guests 150€
3 Guests 190€
4 Guests 250€
5 Guests 320€
6 Guests 350€
7 Guests 380€
8 Guests 400€




Number of Guests


Total Price per Tour: 130€ for 1 Guest


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